10 Best GitHub Repositories that every Developer should follow

10 Best GitHub Repositories that every Developer should follow


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With 45+ million public repositories, GitHub delivers all information for developers, including open source projects, libraries, learning tools, interview training, CV writing advice, knowledge base, and many more.

Finding your type of useful repositories among those 45 million public repositories is quite a challenging task.

In this article, we will share the most valuable repositories for our developers.

Let's find them together!

1. developer-roadmap

⭐ 205k - stars, πŸ‘ 7.5k - watching, 🍴 29.2k - forks

This Repo includes all the community-driven roadmaps, articles, and resources for developers. It covers all the skills and technology required for each of the learning paths. It also provides a strategy to learn these skills in a structured manner.


2. public-apis

⭐ 204k - stars, πŸ‘ 3.6k - watching, 🍴 23.4k - forks

This repo is a collection of freely accessible APIs that may be used to create software applications. The repository is searchable categorically and also has data on HTTPS, CORS, and authentication.


3. Free Programming Books

⭐ 244k - stars, πŸ‘ 9.7k - watching, 🍴 50.1k - forks

One of the finest methods to learn a new subject is still to read a book. The software development profession is evolving quickly, and keeping up with these developments is crucial to our careers. Purchasing a book can be expensive. Fortunately for us, there are tons of free books for developers online. The list of all free programming-related books is updated in this repository. Additionally, it includes books in several important languages and categorizes them.

Along with free e-books, it has a carefully chosen selection of podcasts, interactive programming materials, and online courses.


4. Coding Interview University

⭐ 228k - stars, πŸ‘ 8.5k - watching, 🍴 61.4k - forks

John Washam, the author of this GitHub repo, has practically included everything you need to know about interview preparation. It includes subjects, a study routine, and advice on how to get a job. Online resources, books, videos, lectures about various Software Engineering topics, advice on preparing a resume, advice on applying for jobs, and much more are all included.


5. System Design Primer

⭐ 192k - stars, πŸ‘ 6.3k - watching, 🍴 34.7k - forks

The end-to-end system design materials are all available in this GitHub repository. The CDN, load balancer, web server, API, SQL/NoSQL databases, and many more elements of an end-to-end system are all explained. Additionally, it has a ton of activities for system design interviews that provide solutions.

You may use the well-organized materials in this repository to help you understand how to build complex systems like Netflix, Google, Amazon, and other well-known ones.


6. Awesome Cheatsheets

⭐ 29.6K stars πŸ‘ 668 watching 🍴 4.8K forks

This repo contains cheatsheets for well-known programming languages, frameworks, and development tools. One file contains all the information you require.

Here are the different types of cheatsheets available there:


7. Design Resources for Developers

⭐ 42.9K stars πŸ‘ 895 watching 🍴 9.3K forks

From fonts to UI libraries to complete HTML templates, this repository has it all. This repo contains everything a web developer needs when it comes down to design. It is a curated list of design and UI resources.


8. Git Ignore

⭐ 137k stars πŸ‘ 3.3k watching 🍴 76.7k forks

Git is practically the industry standard for version management in contemporary software development. If you use Git, it might be annoying when it prompts you to add your produced directories (such as Build) to Git. Including a.gitignore file in your project is one approach to prevent this. Adding a project-specific.gitignore file would be an even smarter move. For practically all usage scenarios, this GitHub repository provides a standard.gitignore template.


9. The Art Of Command Line

⭐ 109k stars πŸ‘ 2.7k watching 🍴 11.5k forks

This GitHub repository contains many useful links to improve your command-line tool as well as scripting. It mainly covers UNIX-based command-line tools but also covers Windows and Cygwin shells.


10. Professional Programming

⭐ 19.6k stars πŸ‘ 597 watching 🍴 1.7k forks

In this repo, you will receive a ton of recommendations for excellent books, a ton of great things to read, and links to just about anything you can possibly think of.

It will take some time to read through everything in this repository, but if you're serious about improving as a software developer, it's worth it.



That's all about- the 10 best repositories that help you become a better software developer.

We hope these repositories will help to make the programming journey easier. If you know of any other awesome repositories, please share them in the comment. Until we meet again…Cheers!

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Happy learning!