DotFriday by Polkadot India | A Chapter on Gaming Guilds

DotFriday by Polkadot India | A Chapter on Gaming Guilds


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The Blockchain Gaming Chapter Was Awesome!

#Cryptogaming is a big issue right now in the market where blockchain technology is transforming many sectors, and #BlockchainGaming has evolved from a small group of games to a thriving ecosystem.

With GameFi growing prominent and millions of money moving into the blockchain gaming community, this potential might become tremendous, not just for companies but also for gamers.

We introduce you to the realm of crypto gaming with the main members of some of the top crypto-centric projects in this chapter of the DotFriday series.


Polkadot India's objective is to empower the Indian Blockchain Crypto community more about Polkadot Network, trying to bridge the gap between the global and Indian ecosystems. While extending the Polkadot ecosystem, Polkadot provides opportunities to Indian developers, designers, and entrepreneurs network.

DotFriday is a series of workshops hosted by the Polkadot India team in which renowned blockchain specialists discuss their experiences and lessons learned while working on Polkadot and Web 3. Scholars, developers, investors, and entrepreneurs interested in the next big thing are invited to attend the events. DotFridays are a series of dialogues for crypto devotees with Polkadot projects in India and around the world.

Speakers for the Webinar

We had three terrific presenters for this month's session, all of whom are gamers by heart and entrepreneurs by choice!!

We have Ms. Ananya Mohapatra, Community Leader at Polkadot India, as our Event host. ​

We bring to you an insightful and inspiring evening with:

  1. ​CEO at MetaOne, Marrtin Hoon
  2. ​Growthlead at IndiGG, Ayush Gupta
  3. Co-Founder of Zero Gen Guild, Chad Cooper

Highlights of the Event:

Following a warm welcome from the founder/CEO, Amit Singh, our speakers took the stage, and here's what they had to say:

Ayush Gupta, Growth Lead at INDIGG

After that Mrs. Ananya Mohapatra asked a question from the speaker, “what were the major challenges that you have faced so far like probably in the early stages of your journey, so not probably from the current scenario but from earlier days when you started off? ”.

He answered that he started his crypto journey in 2018 rather than 2017 December, this is when bitcoin is rising. He said at that time not many courses are there and also not that many resources are there to understand the whole realm of web3 space in general. He compares that now so much support is available in terms of projects but back in his time no support was there. He said the idea is you, basically build along with the community, after that he talked about where is started his journey, he said he took a course from Udemy, and his move to enroll in that course was to understand the fundamentals of bitcoin and how bitcoin works, how blockchain works, how smart contracts works?

He said he believes that the world of education is rapidly growing at an ever-faster speed, he said he faced so many challenges in his journey because at that time there is no adoption of chain, and from a different standpoint if you are a developer, there is so much support, there are so many different discord communities are there to help you out.

He said, yes I faced some struggling barriers but in the end, it was really an amazing experience with some outstanding knowledge content.

Then he talked about his experience in INDIGG, he said even now they are facing a few issues in educating the Web2 gamers. In the end, he said, if we see Web3 now there is no stopping point now. And he did love to help all the folks out there to progress in terms of their career, he said he will share the official links for the students to connect with them in the future.

After giving us a sneak peek into the blockchain and crypto, he kept the session quite interactive, and we had a bunch of questions pouring in.

Lastly, we had a Q&A session with Mr. Ayush where he shared some more insights with us.

Marttin Hoon, CEO of METAONE

Anannya Mohpatra introduced Mr. Martin Hoon. She said Mr. Hoon has 25 years of experience in ICT Cloud, Internet Mobile Games, and Blockchain, he is a visionary in identifying market trends in the fast-paced technology. He has led the virgin group China, British Telecom China IBM, and Net Dragon International and now he is the founder of METAONE and also he is the advisor to the secretariat office in Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance.

Then she hands over the session of Mr. Martin, Firstly, Martin described his organization, METAONE. He said METAONE is actually a software as a service, it's more like a toolbox for all types of gifts, for all types of gamers and then he said they want to actually envision themselves to become the next steam for gamifying. Then he talked about the importance of the growth of games in the last decade. He said they are looking for games that have more gameplay. Then he shed some light on the gaming communities or open source communities for gaming.

Then he answered a few questions asked:

  • How do we bring investment into new gaming guilds in the current scenario?
  • What is your experience being with the METAONE team?
  • What is guild analytics and how does it work?
  • How do you differentiate METAONE from other guilds' NFT leasing activities in the current market?

Then Ms. Anannya asked martin to say something to our community of Indian developers out here!!

Mr. Martin explained everything very well and wrap the session with a quick summary for all our attendees.

Mr. Chad Cooper, Co-Founder of Zero Gen Guild

We are so sorry to mention that our speaker Mr. Chad, was not available to attend the event, due to some technical issues out there, but in the future, we will surely have him with us for the future events!!

Quiz for the Attendees

After that, there is a small quiz for the attendees,

Question 1:

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-01 at 6.09.24 PM.jpeg

Question 2:

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-01 at 6.10.20 PM.jpeg

Question 3:

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-01 at 6.11.17 PM.jpeg


In the cryptocurrency world, blockchain-based gaming protocols have become fairly popular.

The gaming economy, in conjunction with Defi and NFTs, provided the globe with its major crypto powerhouses in 2020-21.

Following up on our earlier DotFridays when we learned more about these themes separately, we're back with more energizing discussions on this community-focused movement in the web3 world known as "Gaming Guilds."

Polkadot India is fortunate to be able to organize such informative seminars. A group of blockchain (and Polkadot) enthusiasts comprised of developers, entrepreneurs, and crypto aficionados.

Until next time, see you!

Thank you for attending the webinar; if you were unable to attend, don't worry, we got you covered. Our YouTube account now has the recording available.

And that’s a wrap!

Stay tuned for more from and a lot of insightful, inspiring, and exciting events coming your way.