DTDL HackFest 5.0 Hackathon: Breaking New Ground in Innovation

Opportunity to win a whopping cash prize of 12 Lakhs!

DTDL HackFest 5.0 Hackathon: Breaking New Ground in Innovation

The cutting edge of DTDL is on display at HackFest 5.0!

Witness groundbreaking ideas blossom as developers like yourself push the limits of what's possible. Get inspired by game-changing hacks, knowledge bombs fired in real-time, and a glimpse into the future of technology. Innovate solutions & redefine what DTDL holds for you, so buckle up and get ready to push your boundaries alongside the best!

Mark your calendars, innovators! DTDL HackFest 5.0 is inviting Data Scientists, AI/ML enthusiasts, UI/UX Designers, App, Frontend, and Fullstack Developers to become an epicenter of groundbreaking ideas and cutting-edge DTDL hacks. Get ready to unleash your creativity alongside a passionate community of developers and witness the future of technology unfold!

To empower you to turn those ideas into reality, we're excited to welcome AWS (Amazon Web Services) as a valued partner for DTDL HackFest 5.0. With its industry-leading cloud infrastructure and a comprehensive suite of cloud services, AWS will provide the foundation you need to build groundbreaking hacks.

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Beyond the Glory: 12 Lakhs worth Cash Rewards and Recognition Awaiting HackFest Participants

DTDL HackFest 5.0 boasts a prize pool worth ₹12 lakh, but the real reward is the impact you'll create.

We have more in store for you to benefit from:

HackFest 5.0 is blended in flavors of developers from different backgrounds and stories to create just like your pizza topped with your favorite flavors and build groundbreaking innovative solutions.

About HackFest 5.0


The hackathon is only open to developers who are professionals, and startups. Participating individuals should be over 18 years of age. Student innovators or freelancers are not eligible to participate in the hackathon.

Team Formation:

Solo participation is not eligible. Participants are eligible to participate in teams of 2 to 5 members.

Problem Statements:

  1. Optimizing Peak Usage

  2. Monetizing Data Appless Designs for Visually Impaired Users

  3. 50% Reduction in Agent’s Non-Resolution Call-time

  4. Using AI To Reduce Development Time And Cost By 50%

  5. Needle in the Information Haystack

PS: Grab a certificate of participation for valid idea submissions too.

Important Dates:

  • Idea Submissions Open - April 12th

  • Registrations & Idea Submission Close - April 24th

  • Final Shortlisting of Teams - May 09th

  • Finale - May 18th & 19th

Here’s a secret for you! 🤫

This is a 24-hour offline hackathon that will take place in 📍 Gurugram, Haryana.

About DTDL (Deutsche Telekom Digital Labs)

Deutsche Telekom Digital Labs, or DTDL, is the innovation arm of Deutsche Telekom, a global telecommunications leader. Based in India, DTDL acts as a digital powerhouse, crafting solutions that enhance the customer experience for Deutsche Telekom users across Europe and the USA. Their focus lies in developing cutting-edge digital products and platforms that simplify user interactions and cater to evolving customer needs. By fostering a culture of innovation and customer obsession, DTDL ensures their solutions are not just scalable but also have a positive impact on millions of customers' experiences with Deutsche Telekom's vast array of services.

Registrations and idea submissions for the HackFest 5.0 hackathon is closing on 24th April, 11:59 PM IST. Secure your spot before the clock strikes 12! ⏳