Best Places to Get Resources

Best Places to Get Resources

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From software or game developers to makers of YouTube content... Everybody needs some kind of resource to create their content. It may be a Youtube clip meme or a code that your software requires. This article will discuss the greatest resources available. It has areas for developers, designers, editors, and simply ordinary creators.

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Let's be honest... We grab a lot of code from the web (unless you're a coding genius) or, as a designer, we may require a free Figma/XD/sketch file to alter and personalize. OR maybe you're looking for LUTs for films or pictures, Game Assets for Unity/Godot/Unreal, or simply obj files for your animations...

Here… We… Go…

We’ll go through the following:-

  • Web Development
  • Andriod Development
  • Game Development
  • Video Editing(For YouTube and pros)

There are a few sites where you can acquire anything from pseudo-codes to NFTs to themes, and everything else you need. Here are a few.


Simply join a handful of Reddit communities. That's it… You could ask anything and someone would respond (unless you ask for something which requires too much work).

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You join a few servers, and there you get to know some amazing peeps with some amazing content? right!!

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Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is not a discussion site or a forum. It’s a knowledge base. Of course, this is one of the first places you'd go, as I'm sure most of you are aware. So… Next Steps

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Upwork and Fiverr

These are two places where you may pay for bespoke materials to be created for you. You might have a professional-looking resource at a reasonable charge. The good news is that you can get anything done. From a simple and basic subject to any sophisticated patterns you choose.

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Website Development

Web development might be large or small. I may call it web by using a simple h1 tag. But… To save time, a real creative web developer must have some materials to work upon.

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If you're a developer, you've probably come across this before.


It not only provides prebuilt templates that can be copied and pasted but it can also be used for... Well… If you like, you can play with HTML, CSS, and JS code. It provides a user-friendly UI with straightforward procedures. It's also an excellent platform for conducting interviews and other similar tasks because it completes the task without the need for text editors. Of course, because it isn't a text editor, you can't use it for development.

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Code My

Designed primarily for front-end web development (as the name implies), this platform is ideal for saving time by providing a copy/paste interface. All you have to do is search for... example, a button you require... Choose what you want, then copy and paste the code it provides. THAT's IT!

"The quickest and fastest method to write bespoke and high-quality code for your WordPress project utilizing the newest WordPress coding standards and APIs," according to the makers. It's a basic freemium product that's just a collection of GUI tools for writing web programming. So you end up utilizing a GUI tool to create web HTML files (through snippets), which is quite cool.

Game Development & 3d/2d Resources


It provides you with everything you need for your game's low poly 3d and 2d objects. The assets are of excellent quality and are easily modifiable. Kenney is the way to go if you're making a game with a basic, low-poly world. They also provide ui aprites, as well as a plethora of other tools and materials.

App Development

MaterialX is an open specification that defines and exchanges rich material and look-development content in computer graphics, regardless of platform. Since Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, MaterialX, which was launched at Industrial Light & Magic in 2012, has been a crucial technology in their feature films and real-time experiences. Sony Pictures Imageworks, Pixar, Autodesk, Adobe, and SideFX contributed to the project's continuous development after it was published as open-source in 2017. MaterialX was the Academy Software Foundation's ninth hosted project in 2021.

Using the Universal Android App template's specialized layouts, developers may construct an app for nearly any purpose, with distinct layouts tailored for content types. The "configurator" tool in the Universal app template may be used to specify content without writing a single line of code, and the template comes with a number of built-in capabilities to help you get started. It includes in-app purchases, AdMob advertising, OneSignal push alerts, and more, in addition to stage process instructions.

Are you seeking the best Web view layouts for Android? we have you wrapped. Any webpage may be converted into an application using the Web2View app. To be honest, it's nothing new; electron js has been doing this for years. However, this is faster and easier to use, and it functions more like an app than a framework.

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There are a lot more resources that you guys might know about that you feel deserves more attention. Let me know are and what are your opinions on the above.*