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If you want to organize:

  1. Community Hackathon: Communityhackathon

  2. Corporate Hackathon: Corporatehackathon

You have got a Hackathon to host?

->Hack2skill is a magic platform for all your Hackathon requirements

->Create your Hackathon microsite within 5 minutes and get ready to roll with registrations, using our 3-Step Hackathon creation process.

For College / Community: In India, innovation is driven by youth, and we seek to foster an innovative culture through our platform. This can only be accomplished by empowering student developers in India to establish active communities at scale. We are delighted to offer the platform free of charge to student-led hackathons and community-led hackathons in order to foster an innovation culture among students and communities. Hack2skill will bring the top names in the field to offer not just mentorship and support to the hackers, but also attractive rewards and swags to encourage them to work on cutting-edge technology.