Case Study: StadiumVerse - Relive the Magic, Every Match Day (Team GeoSquad)

Case Study: StadiumVerse - Relive the Magic, Every Match Day (Team GeoSquad)

The International Cricket Council (ICC), in collaboration with NIUM, recently concluded its inaugural global hackathon, "Next In", aimed at revolutionising the digital cricket fan experience. The event garnered significant global interest with over 12,500 individuals forming more than 9,550 teams from 113 countries. This diverse participation highlighted the enthusiasm within the global tech community to innovate in the realm of cricket fan engagement.

At cricket stadiums, the pre-game experience can often feel monotonous for fans. They wander aimlessly, struggling to capture and preserve those special memories. Moreover, traditional photo-taking methods lack an interactive and engaging element.

StadiumVerse: A Revolutionary Fan Engagement App

StadiumVerse presents a groundbreaking mobile app that transforms the cricket stadium experience. It leverages cutting-edge technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and geospatial APIs to:

  • Capture Memories in Time and Space: Fans can capture photos and videos within the stadium, automatically tagged with location and timestamp data. This creates a "memory map" allowing them to revisit these moments virtually at any time.

  • Relive the Roar: Upon returning to the stadium later, fans can use the app to relive their past experiences by viewing photos and videos taken at those exact locations.

Beyond Photos: Engaging Features for Every Fan

StadiumVerse goes beyond photo management with interactive features:

  • Popularity Route: Discover the most popular entry routes and photo spots based on user activity, helping you navigate the stadium efficiently and capture those iconic moments.

  • Virtual Selfies with Stars: Take a virtual selfie with your favorite cricket player using AR technology. Share these unique photos on social media and brag to your friends!

  • Achievements and Rewards: Earn "Crictos" (in-app currency) and exclusive ICC merchandise by interacting with the app. Take more photos, walk the "longest route," or win "Best Photo of the Month" contests (based on user votes) to climb the leaderboard.

Tech Stack: Powering the Future of Fan Engagement

StadiumVerse is built on a robust tech stack:

  • Unity 3D Game Engine: Creates a visually immersive and interactive user experience.

  • Google ARCore/ARKit & Geospatial APIs: Enables AR features and location-based functionalities.

  • VOLU - Volumetric Holograms: Powers the virtual selfie technology with cricket players.

  • Google Firebase (FireStore): Manages user data and app functionality seamlessly.

  • ReactJS Framework & Web Technologies: Develops a user-friendly mobile app and integrates social media sharing options.

Business Model: A Win-Win for Fans and Organizers

StadiumVerse offers a sustainable business model with multiple revenue streams:

  • Advertising: Secure partnerships with brands to display sponsored photos or content within the app.

  • Premium Features: Offer an optional premium tier with exclusive content (like behind-the-scenes footage) and additional photo storage.

  • Sponsorships: Partner with organizations for unique experiences like "meet-and-greets" with players or product launches within the stadium.

Global Appeal and Privacy Considerations

StadiumVerse caters to the massive cricket fan base worldwide. Capturing and reliving memories is a unique selling proposition that transcends geographical boundaries. The app prioritizes user privacy by:

  • Secure Storage: Utilizing encryption and secure storage solutions to protect user data.

  • Privacy Preferences: Allowing users to control photo visibility (public or private) and flagging inappropriate content for moderation.