How To Get Placed In?

How To Get Placed In?

Opportunity Knocking, are you listening?

With placement season just around the corner, many final-year students might be confused about following a roadmap to get placed in their dream company.

Given the variety and size of topics to be covered, it can become a daunting process to decide what to practice and where to learn.

The Placement Season — a sunny day for some, windy evenings for some, and a long dark hailstormy fortnight for the rest!!

Let's get yourself ready for placement season this year!!


Placement Season is here!

✈Flight to your dream career is taking off!

It's Now or Never!⏳

First of all, it's crucial to be in contact with someone who has gone through all the placement struggles because when you're in dilemma and aren't mentally and physically prepared for it, it strikes you hard.

So, do you want to listen to the success story or want to take guidance from experts working in the industry?

You wished it, we fulfilled it! 🌠

🥂Cheers to the magic superpowers !!

Pro Tip: At any point of time, NEVER take the placement procedure lightly. You must have heard that everyone who enrolled at IIT gets placed easily. It’s a myth !! You can have a look at the 2020 placement data of any IIT for busting it.

HTGPI or How To Get Placed In?

HTGPI stands for “How To Get Placed In” is a placement guidance series for all the students struggling to get placed in their dream company.

Taking their hardships into consideration, we are here with the most awaited series of this summer season!

Through this program/series, our aim is to share the journey of some hardworking students who got placed in their dream companies.

We are inviting mentors who can share their struggle and hard work from getting into a 3-tier college to getting placement in their dream company.


  • The overall duration of the program will be of 1 week (4th July - 10th July).
  • We are inviting speakers/ mentors from Google, Meta/FB, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Jio.
  • We are inviting around 30 mentors, 5 per company.
  • There will be a panel discussion of 1 hr.
  • There will be a 1:1 interaction between mentors with volunteers.
  • The mode of the session will be ‘virtual only’.


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💥Perks and Benefits💥

  • Chance to get 1:1 interaction with Experts working at Top-tier companies.
  • Chance to get the Referral from these mentors.
  • Get your resume reviewed by industry experts.
  • Grab the H2S Goodies.
  • Lifetime access of getting assistance from experts at top-tier companies

Why We are doing this program?

Students from 2-tier and 3-tier colleges often don't have an opportunity to directly get placed in top MNC companies. Taking this point into consideration, we are coming up with a systematic roadmap for these students of “How to get placed in?” Through this series of sessions, we will try our best to provide excellent mentorship to our whole 1.5 M family of tech enthusiasts.


Mentors from Top-tier companies are coming to share their success formula of getting their dream job.

Mentors are coming from top-5 MNC companies:

1. JIO📞

Ashish Ghadigaonkar- Assistant Manager - SDE

Sanjesh Verma- Software Development Engineer

Pravin Rathod- Software Development Engineer

Chintan Vijan- Software Development Engineer

Ashish Nar- Software Development Engineer

2. Microsoft🎓

Anurag Srivastava-SDE

Faiz Mohammad -SDE

Jyoti Dubey-SDE-2

Anupama Balotra-SDE-2

Ankit Singhal-SDE

3. Meta

4. Apple

5. Amazon

6. Google

⏳We will be announcing other mentors on our social media handles soon⏳!

💥Stay tuned for the announcement of upcoming mentors.

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Dream big and all the best! ❤