ICC Next In 1.0 - Global Cricket Hackathon

ICC Next In 1.0 - Global Cricket Hackathon

The International Cricket Council (ICC), in collaboration with NIUM, recently concluded its inaugural global hackathon, "Next In", aimed at revolutionising the digital cricket fan experience. The event garnered significant global interest with over 12,500 individuals forming more than 9,550 teams from 113 countries. This diverse participation highlighted the enthusiasm within the global tech community to innovate in the realm of cricket fan engagement.

Pioneering Tech Solutions for Enhanced Cricket Experiences

Participants were challenged across four key areas: Web3 & Metaverse, Fintech, In-stadia Experience, and Augmented or Virtual Reality (AR/VR). These areas aimed to explore new avenues to enhance fan interaction, stadium experiences, and digital engagement through cutting-edge technologies.

Among the submissions, 32% focused on improving the in-stadia fan experience, while 28% centred on leveraging AR/VR technologies for engaging fan activities and games.

Award-Winning Prototypes of ICC Next In

1. Team Fanisko- Transforming Cricket Viewing with 3D Augmented Reality

The winning idea, presented by team 'Fanisko', stood out with its innovative use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology to enhance live cricket viewing. Their solution integrates 3D AR into the ICC app, allowing fans to experience real-time cricket matches from home. It offers detailed player insights and interactive features, aiming to bring fans closer to the action than ever before. This initiative not only promises to elevate the viewing experience but also engages a younger audience accustomed to digital immersion.

2. Team Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar: Cricket Challenge Platform

Team Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar introduces a Cricket Challenge Platform using Web3.0 and AI/ML technologies. This platform hosts weekly challenges where users upload gameplay videos, which are converted into digital collectibles (NFTs). In the Metaverse Stadium, these NFTs are displayed and voted upon globally. Winners receive personalised messages from cricket legends like Dinesh Karthik, fostering a unique blend of virtual engagement and real-world recognition in cricketing communities.

3. Team Geosquad - GeoCricket AR ™: Geo-Tagging Cricket Memories

Team Geosquad's GeoCricket AR ™ app revolutionises fan experiences by capturing and geo-tagging photos during cricket events. Using augmented reality and geospatial technology, the app creates virtual time capsules of stadium visits. Photos are overlaid onto real-world maps, allowing future visitors to view memories from the same location, enhancing the global community of cricket fans.

The Final Showdown in Bengaluru

In a culmination event held in Taj West End, Bengaluru in March 2023, five finalist teams, including 'Fanisko', showcased their solutions to a panel of distinguished judges. The panel included Hackathon Ambassador Dinesh Karthik, ICC Head of Digital Finn Bradshaw, and executives from NIUM, highlighting the event's significance and industry-wide support.

From Prototype to Reality: Paving the Way for Future Innovations

Reflecting on the success of the hackathon, ICC Head of Digital Finn Bradshaw expressed excitement about the potential of these innovations to transform cricket fan engagement globally. The winning team, 'Fanisko', led by Venugopal Rajagopalan, expressed their enthusiasm to collaborate further and implement their prototype in the coming months.


Meet the execution team

The “Next In” hackathon has set a new benchmark in merging technology with sports, particularly cricket. It has demonstrated the potential for innovative solutions to enhance fan engagement and solidified the ICC's commitment to leveraging modern technologies for the sport's growth. The success of this event promises exciting advancements in how fans interact with cricket in the future.

As cricket continues to evolve, driven by technological advancements and fan-centric innovations, events like the "Next In" Hackathon serve as catalysts for shaping the future of sports entertainment. This event marks a significant step towards a more interactive and immersive cricket experience, ensuring that fans worldwide remain at the heart of the game's evolution.

Checkout ICC's official media release on 'Next In' hackathonhere.