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Is it the right time to refocus on AR/VR? Is AR/VR changing the realm of future technology?

Have you ever used a Snapchat Lens or ever played Pokémon GO? If yes, then you’ve already experienced the application of Augmented Reality (AR)—and you’re likely to experience many more in the coming future.

You probably know the drill but you don’t know the outcomes of AR/VR if we talk about learning. Just imagine yourself sitting in a chair for 2–3 hours in front of a screen, listening to your faculty, trying to pay attention to a lesson. Sounds boring right?!

Don’t worry!! Just read the whole article below, something sizzling waiting for you!!

Let's untangle the mystery of AR/VR together!


Did you know in consideration of the growth potential, experts have accelerated their interest in the AR/VR domain industry, even amid the pandemic and subsequent economic uncertainty.

In a nutshell, we cannot dodge the internet's beloved buzzword: The "AR/VR" The boundaries between the actual world and the virtual world might become even hazier in the future; thanks to the extended reality (XR) revolution, which is currently well underway.

AR / VR tech domains have changed our knowledge of reality from purchasing virtual furniture in the middle of our dining room to chasing Pokemons in our backyard.

Are you still unfamiliar with the terms AR/VR? And there are some questions popping up in your mind? like Where is this technology taking us to? How you can employ it in daily usage? How tech startups are using these technologies for their growth? or When are you going to connect with it?... Don't worry; just breathe and stay cool; we are here to assist you to sort the things out.

We at Hack2skill are thrilled to announce that we are coming to Delhi!! Yes, you read it right!

We are finally coming to DELHI to spice our Delhiites with AR/VR technology!

So, all the Delhiites get ready to grab this great opportunity to hear from intellectuals and speakers who have been working closely on AR/VR technology.

Let's get started with your AR/VR journey by joining this meetup!!

AR/VR Offline Meet-Up

We at Hack2Skill are planning an “AR/VR Offline Meetup” in Delhi on 25th June 2022 from 4:00-6:00 pm. Experts who are working on AR/VR in the tech industry are coming with us!

With an aim to revolutionize AR/VR technology with leading experts and mentors, we will let you create a world of lenses and filters.

Get ready to choose your mates and make the best of your day. The top industry experts will guide and light you up on how these 2 technological realities are growing every day!

By taking a step forward with this meetup, we aim to upskill students in upcoming technologies and help them to know more about AR/VR space.

Let’s connect the dots💠 together in the AR/VR nutshell with exciting fun activities and in-hand knowledge from industry experts.

So, munch and learn with the amazing icebreaking activities and take home exciting goodies.

All the tech enthusiasts, come and join us to explore, and learn AR/VR technology. We are coming to meet you at this event and look forward to an exciting evening. We have reserved a spot for you in the “AR/VR Delhi Offline Meetup”. #ARVRMEETUPDELHI

📌Date:- 25th June

📌Time:- 4:00-6:00 PM

📌Entry Fee:- FREE FOR YOU


This wholesome event brings a lot more than you expect

  • A knowledgeable session by AR/VR industry experts
  • Network with other industry experts and meet more creatives in this space
  • Fun and awesome activities.
  • Exciting prizes for Ice Breaking activities.
  • Amazing H2S goodies
  • Build your network with a slice of pizza in hand.🍕

Let’s create a new era of AR/VR intellectuals🤑.

By joining us:

  • You will get insights into this technology and how AR/VR can create your virtual world in the real dimension where you can share your passion for filters, be creative and socialize with like-minded people.
  • You will not only get a chance to meet them but create a healthy network with other developers and partners.
  • Whether you're someone who just joined us or a long-time member, we want to make sure you have a special experience at our event with thrilling and fun activities and your favorite meals.
  • Take along your Hack2skill goodies and we assure you that your day will be full of fun, technical, and playful.


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->Who can participate in the AR/VR DELHI MEETUP?

Hack2skill AR/VR Meetup - Delhi is open to the Students, technologists, freelancers, and professional developer community.

-> What is the cost of participating in the offline MeetUp?

It's completely free. Yes, it's free.

We are sure you guys must have lots of thoughts about this meetup, right? Don't worry!! Check it out for any queries: Queries


To summarize, AR has been in for a long time now, and it is undoubtedly here to stay. The potential of AR/VR seems almost breathtaking, and we are coming to introduce you to it.

Augmented and virtual reality are all set to revolutionize the way we play, tell tales, build worlds, and engage with both fictitious characters and one another. These technologies are becoming more refined and commercialized.

We are searching for reasons for you to miss this chance to meet AR/VR industry experts, but we didn’t find any!

So what are you waiting for! Register today. We are looking forward to meeting you there, and hope that you enjoy the event!

After all, learning can be fun too! Happy Learning