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RPADC is a Bootcamp accompanied by a Beginner's Diploma presented by UiPath Academy to help IT students get started with RPA, explore RPA from the ground up, get business insights, and gain hands-on experience.

RPADC is organized by UiPath in Collaboration with Hack2Skill, to provide students, and working professionals a hands-on experience on what is RPA? How it basically works? and the answers to many questions pop into the mind of a beginner!

With RPADC, Hack2skill’s goal is to make students learn the emerging technology of Automation and understand the basics of the tech.


The Robotic Process Automation Developer Camp (RPADC), offered by UiPath Community and Hack2skill, seeks to test an automation learning experience for innovators who want to start from the beginning. RPADC offers a shortened learning route for learners to follow in order to comprehend the technology's ideas. Being a part of the camp will help you develop an interest in RPA and apply what you've learned to establish a career in this growing sector.

UiPath is the best RPA tool in terms of technology. The community edition of UiPath is free of cost and anyone can download and use it. Ui PATH is built using the .NET framework. Hence, we can use functions of C# in it.

RPA Developer Camp, hosted by Hack2skill and powered by UiPath, was developed in an effort to familiarise young technology students with RPA and to provide a variety of professional options in the industry.

Why Robotic Process Automation?

  • RPA is prospering because work has gotten more complex as the world has become more digitalized.

  • RPA software has a minimal learning curve.

  • Possibilities for RPA developers are growing faster than equivalent opportunities.

  • In addition to technical positions, RPA offers several non-technical positions such as Business Analyst, Solution Architect, and others.

  • Promising and well-paying Job Opportunities

Who can Participate?

RPA Developer Tech Camp was open to:

Students: College students who want to learn more about RPA via hands-on experience must participate.

Freelancers: Enrollment is open to freelancers who want to broaden their skill set by studying RPA from the ground up.

Working Professionals: Professionals that want to improve their skills and learn more about RPA can also join.

Process of Enrolling

Follow the steps mentioned below to enroll for RPADC and complete your introduction to the RPA course.

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  • Parth Doshi: Consultant @WonderBotz | The RPA ROOKIES, Creator
  • Tanmay Halder: Senior Director- Digital Transformation leading Intelligent Process Automation Practice
  • Shubham Varshney: Senior Consultant | UiPath MVP
  • Srinivas K: Senior Consultant | UiPath MVP
  • Satish Prasad: RPA Solutions Consultant @Iris Software Inc. | UiPath MVP
  • Syed Pasha: UiPath MVP Automation Lead - Roboyo UiPath
  • Ishmeet Bindra: Senior Python Developer @Incubit & UiPath MVP
  • Manoj Batra: Associate Vice President| 2 X UiPath MVP NatWest Group
  • Eduard Shlepetskyy: Founder at Ective.eu & UiPath MVP
  • Anmol Yadav: UiPath MVP 2021 & 2022|RPA Analyst at Speridian Technologies| Youtuber(RPA Evangelist)
  • Nidhi Chaturvedi: Senior RPA Analyst @Citrix | UiPath MVP
  • Anuka Roychowdhury: HR Lead at WonderBotz LLP
  • Anuj Sharma: Lead Community Team @Hack2Skill | RPA Enthusiast
  • Mukesh Kala: RPA Developer @NatWest Group & UiPath MVP
  • Mudhukrishna Lalapet: UiPath MVP| RPA Developer | UiPath Community Speaker | Youtuber

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Rewards and Benefits

RPADC's mission is to provide students, freelancers, and working professionals with hands-on RPA training, industry insights, and actual experiences. Participants can take advantage of specific privileges after completing the course to add value to their learning experience.

UiPath Swags: UiPath Swags on successful Completion of the Diploma. Access to Exclusive Internship & Job Opportunities: Access to Exclusive Job & Internship Opportunities, by Hack2skill.

Mentorship: Participants will have the opportunity to be mentored by RPA Industry experts.

Certificate: Co-Branded certificate by Hack2skill and UiPath after successful completion of the Diploma.

During the RPADC, the team visited various colleges and institutes for various sessions and webinars:

  • GVM Institute of Technology and Management Manoj Batra, a very competent and skilled UiPath MVP and AVP – RPA & Analytics at NatWest Group, visited the campus as an honorable speaker.

  • Career Prospects in Automation & related fields- Online webinar In the webinar, the 3 industry musketeers spilled the beans on what the RPA industry holds for budding innovators‼️

To know more about this webinar follow the link: blog.hack2skill.com/career-prospects-in-aut...

We posted a separate article on this superb webinar. Just go and check it out!!

- A hybrid session conducted at PSNA College Of Engineering and Technology

The very accomplished speaker and UiPath MVP for the session Mr. Manoj Batra interacted with the students and shared his valuable insights with them.

- Techno India NJR Institute of Technology

It is conducted by our RPA Enthusiast & our talented Lead, Community & Operations Mr. Anuj Sharma.

- Seth Jai Parkash Mukand Lal Institute of Engineering and Technology( JMIT)

The very talented RPA Analyst Anmol Yadav took the charge of the session as the speaker to take the participants through various aspects of RPA.

- Online Session

UiPath MVP and the very talented and experienced Syed Pasha carried the session as a speaker and shared his valuable knowledge and insights with the participants.

- Online Bootcamp conducted for DEVs Dungeon -Open Learning Community

Mr. Anuj Sharma, our Community & Operations Lead took the charge of the session as the speaker and took the participants on a ride through the industry of RPA.

- Sasi Institute of Technology & Engineering

Industry experts Mr.Shubham Varshney and Mr. Srinivas K shared their knowledge and crucial insights about RPA and helped hundreds of students to start their journey in RPA.

- Developer Camp

The highly talented UiPath MVP Ishmeet Bindra shared his insights on the RPA Industry and taught the participants the basics of automation.

- KIET Edu Group

Industry experts Mr.Shubham Varshney and Mr.Srinivas K shared their knowledge and crucial insights about RPA and helped hundreds of students to start their journey in RPA.


Ui Path Collaborated with Hack2Skill and came up with the best Bootcamp till now on RPA.

By the end of this Bootcamp, not only will you be comfortable with building your own software robots but it will help you land that high-paying RPA job that you want.

Unfortunately, the registration for this Bootcamp is closed now but you can catch up with the upcoming opportunities by following this link: hack2skill.com/rpa-developer-camp#explore

Happy Learning!!