Career Prospects in Automation & Related Fields

Career Prospects in Automation & Related Fields


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There is an immediate and pressing need to put automation to work in order to meet the rising need for labor efficiency. While human efforts are irreplaceable in all forms, the excess weight of repetitive and non-brain stimulating labor may be alleviated with the correct and adequate use of a technology that is presently sweeping the tech world: robotic process automation or RPA.

Have you ever placed an online order and got an instant email with a shipment reminder, or even filled out an online job application? If that's the case, you've probably heard of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). But, exactly, what is RPA?

Today we will be talking about an event or webinar held a few days back, relying on the importance of RPA from a career perspective.

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As the demand for automation climbs, so does the requirement for competent RPA Developers and personnel to work on relevant business fronts. So, let's first talk about what is RPA?

RPA is a software technology that makes it simple to create, implement, and manage software robots that mimic human movements while dealing with digital software and services. Software robots can interpret what's on a screen, type the correct keystrokes, traverse systems, locate and retrieve data, and do a wide variety of predetermined operations, much like people. Software robots, on the other hand, can do it quicker and more reliably than humans, without having to stand up and stretch or take a cup of coffee.

This webinar was introduced to give beginners an understanding of the future of RPA and to enable individuals to paint a concise picture of the world of RPA, including how it is enabling more advanced methods to be automated end-to-end with ease and what opportunities are available for someone interested in pursuing a career in the domain.

The IT industry is now one of the most labor-intensive businesses, allowing for more automation. RPA is in high demand, and RPA marketing is becoming more popular in the business. It has only recently begun its journey into the field. There is still a long way to go. RPA adoption has exploded in the recent two to three years.

Individuals who don't have any prior experience, background, or acquaintance with RPA, were welcome to be a part of that panel discussion.

What we as a learner learned by being a part of this webinar-

  • Career prospects in RPA & related domains
  • The scale of the current RPA industry
  • Application of RPA in various domains
  • The future of the RPA industry
  • Roadmap for setting footsteps in the RPA world
  • Employment opportunities in RPA & associated domains

This webinar was organized by Hack2skill in collaboration with Ui Path Community on 29th April 2022 (Friday).


- Tanmay Halder - Senior Director - Digital Transformation @ Protiviti

- Anuka Roychowdhury - HR Lead @ WonderBotz

- Mukesh Kala - UiPath MVP 2022 & RPA Developer @ NatWest Group

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Anuj Sharma, Hack2Skill, Lead Community Team

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  • Vibhor Shrivastava, UiPath, Global Community Advocacy Manager
  • Rohit Radhakrishnan, UiPath, Community Manager - APJ


The RPA market is growing significantly and is expected to grow at the same pace for the next few years. The business industries are just starting to understand the various benefits RPA brings to their table therefore, as far as the future is concerned, it is certainly bright.

In a quest to upskill the technical youth of India, Hack2skill and Uipath are collaborating to conduct such events in the future as well.

The Bootcamps and events will be conducted by highly talented and experienced industry experts on RPA and students will also be rewarded with UiPath and Hack2Skill goodies and participation certificates.

If you want to complete a description of the event, like what was discussed there, what are the things which were covered there and many more!!

Just do let me know in the comments, we will surely come up with a complete roadmap and with a complete webinar report for you!!

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