Which is the best Programming Language for Web 3.0 ? ( Solidity vs Viper)

As we all know there is a major enmity between java programmers and python programmers, hence it was just a matter of time that a language which is based on Python was created, "Vyper", as Solidity is similar to Java. These two languages are important to construct smart contract code.

java vs python.jpg

  • A software that runs on the Ethereum blockchain is known as a "smart contract". Smart contracts are basically set of instructions of functions written in code to run different logistical tasks using the data of addresses called its state, that is residing on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Main objective of developing Vyper is to make smart contract source code more readable. The first thing that comes to mind when we think about blockchains is digital currency, and the second thing that comes to mind is programmable software, such as smart contracts.

  • After Ethereum launched smart contracts, other blockchains quickly entered the market in an effort to offer the same capabilities. The entire Ethereum ecosystem is made possible by smart contracts. Now there are a lot of blockchain systems like Solana, Polygon etc.

Now the question comes what was the requirement of making another programming language like Rust or Solidity or Vyper. Why can't we use readily available resources like "Moralis". Which we will explain in another article later (you can find it on Hack2skill blog page)

  • Vyper resembles Python syntactically but seems logically similar to Solidity. Many of the Object Oriented Programming paradigms are eliminated, hence transactional programming needs a new definition.
  • Some of the benefits which people will say would be there on Vyper is the ease of use and the security it is providing. People also say that even though it has some benefits over Solidity, both Solidity and Vyper will coexist together, and Vyper wouldn't replace Solidity.

Now if someone ask me which should one learn, Vyper as it is the future? I would say that is a complicated question as it depends on a lot of things. Currently we don't know which would be better and as we know the fitter would survive.


  • Well Solidity is the way to go if you want a job as quickly as feasible. Currently, Solidity is the most widely supported language out there for writing smart contracts. It is currently the most well-known and stable (relatively speaking) language. There is a sizable supporting community and a wealth of tools available to get you up and running if you stumble onto something.
  • But we can't say anything about the future, a situation can also come into existent that both Vyper and Solidity dies. Hence people should be agile enough to switch languages with ease. Because with more research, technology changes and with it the language also changes.
  • I would say as a beginner, if you want a lot of help and are not that much independent and not adventurous then you should learn Solidity and if you already have knowledge about python and want to work in DiFi apps in which security is major concern, one should start learning with Vyper.