Why Hackathons Are Important from a career perspective

Why Hackathons Are Important from a career perspective

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Hackathons are now a regular feature of college calendars all throughout the world, not only in India. Hackathons have become so popular as a result of their rapid growth in popularity that students are now going above and above to prepare well prior to the arduous event. These events, sometimes known as code fests, are designed to bring the coding community together. Any hackathon's main goal is to bring people together, cooperate, and deal with problems based on a pre-determined subject or technology framework.

Now, first, let's discuss what a hackathon is? And after that, we’ll discuss its importance and afterward, we’ll go through some of the most hackathons out there.


The term "hackathon" is derived from the phrases "hack" and "marathon," where hack refers to exploratory, creative issue solving with a playful attitude and marathon refers to the event's timeframe.

The concept of a hackathon, or a competition to produce software or a project in a set amount of time, is not new. Hackathons are now widely regarded as one of the most effective ways for developers to hone their abilities, display their expertise, work on a project they care about, and win the hearts of organizations involved in exchange for cash and rewards.

A hackathon is a one-day event that lasts at least 24 hours and up to 3-4 days. The hackathons have recently grown in popularity. When obtaining appropriate software solutions becomes a top focus, they are highly effective. Hackathon projects can also help to boost professional creativity and self-expression by utilizing the most cutting-edge and cutting-edge technology solutions.

Researchers, professionals, and specialists with technical backgrounds collaborate to produce a unique approach or solution when an idea or an issue arises. Robots, smartphone apps, and web pages are all examples of this technique in action. All students are welcome to participate in the hackathons, particularly those from underserved communities who are more likely to miss out on training and knowledge. Annually, over 1000 hackathons are held all around the world, with private firms hosting 48.5 percent of them.

Practical experience and problem-solving are two of the most significant qualities for any engineering graduate to thrive in a career path. Hackathons give a venue for young aspiring engineers to nurture their skills. This is a one-of-a-kind competition in which students work on their creative ideas while also solving real-world industrial difficulties.

A hackathon's intensity and ambiance will not only get your imagination going, but the hands-on approach will also help you learn quicker. Doing is the best way to understand and learn. What better approach to solve an issue with a group in a defined amount of time (or just do something entertaining!) than to work together as a team in a certain period of time?

Top hackathon project entries frequently demand the talents of designers, engineers, and people who can plan the business/financial side of things, so it's an excellent location for many people from various disciplines with a common focus on technology to put their expertise into action. Such expertise can, of course, be beneficial to your resume.

Hackathons allow us to easily participate in more risky undertakings. Developers have more leeway to apply alternative ideas and tools/techniques to a problem than they have in the real world. If things don't go well, you have nothing to lose but the reward money.

So now that you have an overview of what a hackathon actually is, you may be wondering what is its importance and what are some top hackathons in which you can participate.

*Let's begin!!


Hackathons are a well-known concept that has evolved to be extremely popular with students, professionals, experts, and other computer enthusiasts for a variety of purposes.

Hackathons have numerous advantages, which is why they are so important. With that in mind, consider the following few major advantages that will help you comprehend the significance of such events:

  • Healthy work environment
  • Add up to your CV
  • Interesting way of learning
  • Interactions with the developer community
  • Develops new technical skills and enhances soft skills
  • Experience in turning concepts into actions
  • Exposure to various verticals and industries
  • Recognition and recommendation
  • Improved critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Igniting the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Some Facts about Hackathons

  • Every hackathon has a different topic and timeframe, which adds to the excitement and draws in the crowd.
  • Although some hackathons are largely focused on developing an application, others are more likely to focus on specific use cases for a programming language, API, design framework/architecture, and so on
  • Hackathons aren't just for students on college or university campuses. Governments all across the world hold hackathons to improve the transparency, fairness, and accessibility of administrative processes and workflows.
  • Every time an engineer participates in such technical events, they get to learn so many things i.e., How to work as a team? How do come up with a unique and innovative idea? How to explore problems to the maximum? How to solve the problem optimistically?

Whether it was a bitcoin Bootcamp or a Covid 19 hackathon, the themes revolve around a specific item that must be produced and delivered in order to create a completely functional prototype. It brings together project managers, designers, programmers, and developers to collaborate on a variety of software projects. There is a sense of competition there, but the primary objectives are creativity and the creation of something new and unique.


Hackathons offer a fantastic opportunity to learn, improve, and grow. It's crucial to remember, though, that these events aren't only for professional coders. Amateur and beginning coders are welcome to participate in most hackathons.

The majority of hackathons will be advertised online, frequently months in advance. To find in-person hackathons in your area, I recommend using event sites like Eventbrite and Meetup. Devpost, an online social site dedicated just to promoting hackathon projects, is certainly worth looking out for. You'll be able to build your own profile, communicate with other like-minded "hackers," and display your finished projects.

As a result, we've put up a list of websites and forums where you can learn about forthcoming hackathons.

  • Devfolio
  • Devpost
  • Major League Hacking (MHL)
  • HackerEarth
  • Eventbrite
  • Google Hackathons
  • Hackevents


Keep a record of your local communities on social media platforms or discord servers like Google Dev Groups, Developer Student Clubs, Student Partner communities, and more. They are constantly updating their social media accounts with information on upcoming events and hackathons. As a result, you'll always be aware of what's going on around you.

If you discover that your dream firm is hosting a hackathon, you should enter. This could be a quick way for you to get into that firm, or at the very least, it will give you the opportunity to speak with the managers and determine whether you are a good fit for the company's culture.

So, make use of the opportunities to participate in the hackathons for learning, networking, growing, and career planning.

Thanks for reading :)