Advance Gaming and P2E Program - Dotfriday by Polkadot India

Advance Gaming and P2E Program - Dotfriday by Polkadot India

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Few industries are immune to the crypto mania, but many game developers have embraced it wholeheartedly. Many gaming-related artifacts may now be claimed as NFTs, while some "Play-to-earn or P2E" games have gone even farther by including crypto and NFT as incentives.

In the initial months of 2022, billions of dollars were funded in web3 games and gaming infrastructure technology businesses, making them the most heavily invested sector of the economy of the game.

It's high time to dig deeper and understand #Advanced Gaming and #P2E to the next level with Polkadot India's DotFriday on the topic of Advanced Games and P2E


Welcome to another section of the DotFriday series, brought to you by Polkadot India in collaboration with Hack2skill.

For this month’s episode, Polkadot along with Hack2skill is inviting the best of minds working on the concept of advanced gaming.

Have you ever heard about the term P2E? If no, then first let's discuss what these 2 terms (advanced gaming and P2E) basically refer to?

Advanced Gaming: Web3 games are made possible by incorporating blockchain technology into the gaming environment, and they let players voice their opinions on when and how the game should progress. Web3 gaming also establishes the framework of play-to-earn for gamers, and it transforms the pay-to-play model by allowing users to trade assets, tradeable game tokens, and earn cryptos while enjoying. What is advanced gaming? — Is itself a billion-dollar question, and in this episode of Polkadot, our speakers will explain it to you in every possible way they can!!

Play To Earn: Play-to-earn, or P2E, games are blockchain-based games that let users earn money as they play. "Play to Earn" is a deviation from the typical subscribe and play gaming business, in which gamers earn bitcoin while playing free games. Nowadays, online gaming is becoming a major source of entertainment and giving rise to a new and emerging concept of the play-to-earn or P2E gaming model. "Play to Earn" (P2E) is a new gaming concept that has sparked a lot of interest. The evolution of Play-to-Earn games seizes the opportunity to contribute to society's well-being. The gaming industry's initiative and support for society astounded parents who had spent their lives worrying about their children's involvement with gaming consoles.

At the gaming chapter of Polkadot India's DotFriday on June 24, 2022, prominent leaders or gaming-centric leaders from the tech world will take us on an interesting trip while showing their struggles and the hurdles they experienced along the way. Don't want to lose out on this chance?

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If you feel like developing a P2E game OR know more about it OR want to create it too but do not know where to start, we have got you covered. Hurry up & Register Now for the upcoming chapter of Polkadot India’s DotFriday on Advanced Gaming & P2E.

A chance to connect with Global Leaders across this field & get to know about P2E from scratch!

Date: 24th JUNE, 2022

Time: 6 PM - 8 PM IST

Platform: Zoom (Online)

Here's your chance to experience what it's feels like to earn money playing video games online if you've ever been curious. Play-to-Earn (P2E) is a revolutionary idea that gave gamers all around the world access to innumerable previously unimaginable opportunities. Join the dotfriday event to learn everything you need to know about P2E.


The gaming business is undergoing significant transformation, ranging from huge ecosystem changes to the impending advent of the metaverse.

By incorporating metaverse and blockchain technologies into the game business, Web3 gaming has changed the whole gaming environment. It has democratized the gaming industry by removing central game administrators and platform owners.

Join us and let's shape the future together.

Hope to see you in the session!!