Substrate Saturday - Bootcamp Series 2

Substrate Saturday - Bootcamp Series 2

Session 1: Fundamentals of Rust

A Deep Tech Boot Camp for Substrate, Rust, and more.

Do you Want to Learn Rust but Don’t Know Where to Start?

From the early days of Polkadot to the latest cutting-edge blockchain SDK, now Polkadot along with Hack2skill is here with the most exciting Bootcamp series of Substrate Saturday.

Instead of Netflix and chill, make your Saturday thrill with this new season of Substrate Saturday!

If you are someone who wants to hop on this Rust bandwagon but doesn’t know ‘how’, then keep on reading :)

Let's Dive In!


PolkadotIndia is back with a new Substrate Saturday - Bootcamp Series 2 edition.

First, let us introduce you to a bit about substrate!

Substrate, Polkadot, and the Web3 Vision

Substrate strives to be the best framework for blockchain in which anyone can build their personalized blockchain. Many techies interrupt that Substrate is a blockchain in itself but that's not the case substrate is a blockchain SDK framework. Substrate gives you the freedom to design your chain whatever you wish, empowering you to construct beyond what is possible for others.

Substrate Saturday is an interactive event/ workshop and Bootcamp by industry mentors, deep-diving into Substrate, Rust, and everything on Blockchain!

Key Pointers:

-> The future of Web3 is being built around the layer-0 protocol and multichain network known as Polkadot. The main blockchain SDK used by programmers to build the parachains that make up the Polkadot network is called Substrate.

-> To demonstrate its high degree of speed, versatility, and resilience, Parity Technologies utilized Substrate to build Polkadot, which enables you to develop customized blockchains for any use case.

-> While integrating with Polkadot has several advantages, including built-in security, cross-chain scalability, and access to Polkadot's expanding ecosystem of platforms, apps, and end-users, connecting to any type of blockchain, not only Polkadot parachains, is possible using Substrate.

-> The key advantages of building a blockchain with the substrate are that it provides greater freedom, flexibility, and optimization than developing on top of a general smart-contract blockchain.

Howdy, fellow developer! You would be aware that Rust is now one of the most popular subjects in the development industry. It is a fantastic replacement for C++ which offers superior efficiency and security assurances.

But despite the fact that few individuals really have this knowledge, it is the most in-demand expertise for both established businesses and nascent blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. The need for developers with Rust expertise increased by 300% in 2021 alone. Rust is already being used by organizations like Dropbox, Coursera, Microsoft, Discord, and Facebook.

What is Substrate Saturday?

  • A FREE 3 Month Bootcamp with 6 interactive sessions ONLY for Developers

  • The Bootcamp will cover the fundamentals of Rust and Substrate from scratch

  • Foundation-level curriculum training in sync with Global Substrate Standards set by Parity & web3 Foundation

  • You need to be a developer or student with basic coding knowledge (ANY language)

  • Includes live coding sessions and one on one mentoring

  • On interim Saturdays, there will also be guest workshops from tech leaders of globally successful projects - Astar Network, Unique Network, and Polkadex!

The whole Curriculum of the Bootcamp

The Bootcamp will be of 6 sessions.

Session 1: Rust Fundamentals

Session 2: Live Hands-on Traits

Session 3:Recap and Substrate Framework

Session 4: Workshop:“ Substrate Kitties Backend”.

Session 5: Workshop: Live Interaction with the developers to demo their code, Live improvisation & implementations along with the mentors.

Session 6: Workshop: Substrate Kitties Frontend, Running and understanding the full application.


Our Expert Panel of Speakers :

1. Alexander Saft- Lead Developer at Unique Network

2. Faisal Ahmed- Junior Rust Engineer at Polkadex

3. Ivan Temchenko- Senior Rust Engineer at Polkadex

4. Maarten Henskens- Head of Business Development at Astar Network

5. Pierre Ossun- Web3 - Rust Developer at Polkadot


For whom this session is?

​- Students exploring Substrate, Rust, and the likes

  • ​Developers working on Polkadot projects or building on Substrate/Solidity

  • ​Aspiring/Existing founders for Crypto/Blockchain ideas

  • ​Blockchain enthusiasts

What this session is offering to you?

  • Formal Rust & Substrate training from scratch.

  • Certificate of completion by experienced speakers.

  • Developer job openings with top global Polkadot projects.

  • Mentorship & guidance from skilled experts and industry professionals.

  • Access to knowledge resources.

  • Live coding experience with the option to practice personally with mentors.

  • Extra AMAs and interactions with other industry leaders, trainers, and recruiters on interim days.

  • Live assignments with Air Drops & Rewards.

📅Date: 9th July 2022

⏰Time: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

✍Register Now:


From this session, Hack2skill strives to upskill students in upcoming technologies and help them to know more about the blockchain space. It will be great if hack2skill could enlighten students about this technology so they can make the best out of it!

Participants will also have the chance to intern or be placed with one of Polkadot’s recruitment partners after successfully completing the Bootcamp.

Attendees will be presented with a chance to win Polkadot India Goodies.

So what you are waiting for?

Do Join us!

Happy Learning!😃