Innovating Cricket's Future: Highlights from ICC & NIUM's 'Next In 2.0' Hackathon

Innovating Cricket's Future: Highlights from ICC & NIUM's 'Next In 2.0' Hackathon

The 'Next In 2.0' hackathon, a collaboration between the International Cricket Council (ICC) and its official fintech infrastructure collaborator, NIUM, powered by Hack2skill marks a pivotal moment in cricket's history. Bringing together global innovators, this event aimed to revolutionise the sport through cutting-edge technologies like AI/ML, Fintech, AR/VR, and more.

Key Challenges Addressed at 'Next In 2.0'

Participants tackled critical areas:

  • High-Performance Analysis: Leveraging AI/ML and Data Science for strategic insights.

  • Fan Experience: Enhancing engagement through AR/VR and Web3 technologies.

  • Coaching and Grassroots Participation: Fintech and Blockchain solutions aimed at nurturing cricket talent.

119 Nations Unite to Shape Cricket's Technological Frontier

The hackathon drew a staggering 22,000 registrations from 119 countries, underscoring its global appeal and diverse participant base committed to cricket innovation. Participants from countries like Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, and more collaborated to push the boundaries of cricket technology, fostering international cooperation and diverse perspectives.

Pioneering Innovations: How 'Next In 2.0' is Shaping Cricket's Future

  • Winning Idea: Team StumpEye's wireless stump camera system promises revolutionary batting and bowling analysis, democratising advanced cricket technologies.

  • Judges and Mentors: Esteemed figures like Anil Kumble, Finn Bradshaw, Jeremiah Glodoveza evaluated transformative solutions poised to redefine cricket globally.

  • Innovation Showcase: Diverse solutions focused on enhancing fan experiences, supporting grassroots cricket, and optimising performance analytics, demonstrating the hackathon's wide-ranging impact.

  • Encouraging Global Participation: The hackathon encouraged non-cricket playing countries like Nigeria, Vietnam, Greece, and Togo to participate and contribute, showcasing the sport's universal appeal and the diverse perspectives of cricket fans worldwide.

Bridging Worlds: Electrifying Meetups in Singapore and Mumbai

As part of the 'Next In 2.0' initiative, ICC and NIUM organised offline meetup series in Singapore and Mumbai. These gatherings offered a unique opportunity to connect with prominent Angel Investors, VCs, influencers in sports and technology, and leaders shaping the future of AI/ML, AR/VR, Blockchain, Web3, FinTech, and more. Attendees had the chance to network with Sports-Tech Evangelists and thriving startups, witnessing the fusion of cricket and technology. These events showcased the global movement driving unprecedented advancements in the world of cricket, reinforcing the hackathon's mission to revolutionise the sport through innovation.

Insights from Industry Leaders: Anil Kumble and Jeremiah Glodoveza on Cricket and Technology

Hackathon Ambassador Anil Kumble said: “The Next In Hackathon has once again provided us with innovative enhancements for all fans of cricket. There is a growing importance of technology in sport and how it improves the experience for all stakeholders of the game. I am excited to see how all the ideas that were presented to us for fan experience, grassroots cricket and performance analytics can have a positive impact on cricket in the long-term.”

ICC Head of Digital, Finn Bradshaw said: At the ICC we are always looking for ways to inspire love of cricket. The ideas presented at Next In 2.0 delivered that in abundance. It was so inspiring to see the passion and talent on display from all the finalists. Congratulations to the winners StumpEye and thanks to our partners Nium for sharing in our vision and helping make this a reality.”


Celebrating Innovation: The Legacy of 'Next In 2.0' in Cricket's Evolution

'Next In 2.0' has set a new benchmark for innovation in cricket, celebrating technological advancements that promise to shape the future of the sport. With global participation and groundbreaking ideas, this hackathon underscores cricket's evolving landscape and its journey towards greater engagement and inclusivity through technology.

Checkout the Next In 2.0 hackathon media release by International Cricket Council(ICC)here.