Innovating Democracy: Electhon'23 Recap and DigiVoter's Journey

Innovating Democracy: Electhon'23 Recap and DigiVoter's Journey

Electhon'23, an ambitious 30-hour offline hackathon organized by the Election Commission of India and powered by Hack2skill, was concluded in IIIT Bengaluru, India. The event aimed to address critical challenges in the electoral process, bringing together 35 teams from across India to develop innovative solutions.

Electhon'23 focused on pivotal issues such as voter registration, urban and youth voter participation, and increasing voter turnout. Participants engaged in intense brainstorming sessions, received real-time feedback from industry experts, and presented their solutions to esteemed judges.

Key Challenges and Solutions:

Challenge 1 - How can we ensure the registration of new voters in the electoral roll?
Winning solution: Team Future Force from Ramaiah Institute of Technology devised a state-based automatic voter registration system, simplifying the voter registration process and enhancing civic participation.

Challenge 2 - How can we increase the participation of urban and youth voters in elections to ensure their involvement in the democratic process?

Winning solution: Team Wasuli from SRM Institute of Science and Technology introduced DigiVoter, an AI-based facial recognition solution. This innovation aims to modernize voting systems, making the process more accessible and efficient for citizens.

Challenge 3 - Devise a solution that can boost voter turnout on election day at the polling stations by creation of election anthems, jingles, posters etc.

Winning solution: Team Tech Millennials from R.M.K Engineering College proposed creative solutions such as real-time voter information displays and educational metaverse tools to engage voters and optimize the voting process.

In the fast-evolving landscape of electoral technology, DigiVoter stands out as a beacon of innovation. Developed during Electhon'23, a pioneering hackathon organized by the Election Commission of India in collaboration with the Government of Karnataka and powered by Hack2skill, DigiVoter represents a transformative leap towards modernizing India's voting system.

Developed by Team Wasuli, this AI-powered solution eliminates traditional paper-based methods, ensuring accuracy and convenience during elections. Following its successful development at Electhon'23, DigiVoter underwent rigorous testing and refinement phases. The system was piloted during the 2023 Karnataka Assembly Elections under the guidance of Shri. Manoj Kumar Meena, Chief Electoral Officer of Karnataka, and with support from industry mentors. This real-world implementation provided invaluable insights and validation of DigiVoter's capabilities in a live electoral environment


Electhon'23 not only fostered innovation but also exemplified collaboration between academia, government bodies, and industry experts. The event's success underscores the potential of hackathons in driving meaningful change in democratic processes. DigiVoter stands as a testament to how technology can enhance the integrity and accessibility of elections, paving the way for future advancements in electoral systems.

In picture:*Team Wasuli at The Office of Chief Electoral Officer, Karnataka with Shri. Manoj Kumar Meena, IFS Surya Sen and Dr. Manjunath Daler.*

Pranav Kumar, Sarvottam Mishra, G K Dvijesh Raghav, Mayank Rai and Aryan Raj from Team Wasuli with the Chief Electoral Officer, Karnataka Shri. Manoj Kumar Meena