INSTINCT 3.0: Revolutionising Power Distribution with Innovation

INSTINCT 3.0: Revolutionising Power Distribution with Innovation

IntelliSmart’s prestigious annual event, INSTINCT 3.0 powered by Hack2skill, stands at the forefront of driving innovation in the digital transformation of the power distribution sector. Building on the success of INSTINCT 2.0, this year’s hackathon challenged participants to push the boundaries of smart metering technology and pioneer solutions to pressing industry challenges.

Empowering Innovation: Event Highlights

Under the distinguished patronage of Shri R.K. Singh, Minister of Power & Renewable Energy, Government of India, INSTINCT 3.0 attracted over 5000 registrations from students, startups, professionals, and freelancers. With a notable 40% increase in registrations from dynamic startups and industry professionals, the event showcased a robust engagement and commitment to advancing the power sector.

Global Reach, Digital Impact

Engaging participants from 500+ colleges and 120+ companies worldwide, INSTINCT 3.0 transcended borders to foster international collaboration in power innovation. Leveraging digital platforms, the event achieved a monumental social media reach exceeding 10,000,000, amplifying its global impact and visibility. Partnering with 100+ incubation centers further nurtured entrepreneurial spirit and technological prowess in the energy sector.

Key Challenges, Innovative Solutions

The hackathon focused on addressing critical challenges in the industry, including the integration of smart meters as hubs for multiple appliances, risk analysis associated with smart meters, and the development of community energy trading platforms. These problem statements spurred creative ideations and solutions aimed at enhancing efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in power distribution.

Pioneering Solutions: Winning Prototypes

  1. Team Delving: "Integrating Smart Microgrids for Sustainable Energy Solutions"

    Team introduced an integrated approach to smart microgrids, utilising blockchain for secure financial transactions and IoT devices for real-time energy management. Their solution aimed at creating a national grid by interlinking smart microgrids, promising enhanced energy efficiency and decentralised power distribution.

  2. Team Iriis: "INDRA: Redefining Energy Trading with Smart Vending Technology"

    Team presented INDRA, a smart vending machine facilitating peer-to-peer energy trading. INDRA’s innovative features included real-time monitoring, flexible payment options, and compatibility with light electric vehicles and electronic devices, empowering users with convenient and sustainable energy solutions.

  3. Team Worldomate: "Smart Meter Integration for Enhanced Home Efficiency"

    Team demonstrated a smart meter integration solution enabling real-time energy monitoring, appliance scheduling, and home automation. Their system offered homeowners greater control over energy usage, optimizing efficiency and reducing costs through intelligent scheduling and automated routines.

  4. Team Radius: "Empowering Communities with Smart Power Management"

    Team proposed a participative power management and appliance control system that collaboratively involved DISCOMs and consumers. Their initiative aimed at reducing peak-hour demand and improving overall grid stability through proactive energy management strategies.

Driving Industry Transformation

INSTINCT 3.0 exemplifies IntelliSmart’s dedication to advancing digital transformation and sustainability in power distribution. By fostering innovation and collaboration, the event sets a benchmark for future advancements in energy efficiency, resilience, and customer-centric solutions.


INSTINCT 3.0 exemplifies IntelliSmart's commitment to driving innovation and digital transformation in the power distribution sector. By fostering collaboration, encouraging creativity, and showcasing pioneering solutions, the event sets a benchmark for industry-wide advancements in energy efficiency, sustainability, and customer empowerment.