6 Free resources to learn Rust in 2022

6 Free resources to learn Rust in 2022

Rust language is an intuitive version for C++ programmers as most of the syntax of both languages are pretty similar.

This article is an amalgamation of all the information we gathered, which is made up of 35 different sources in total. we divided the findings into six broad categories: Reading materials, practice materials, YouTube videos, git resources, cheat sheets, and more

In this article, we list down the top free resources to learn the Rust language to help you get started with Rust. Each resource has a brief overview to guide your decision-making.

We know you are excited, so let's jump right into the epicenter.


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Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents almost all crashes, and eliminates data races.

It goes without saying that working with features like memory management, borrow checker, lifetimes, and expressive types will improve your skills as a software developer. Rust is more like excellent development principles written in stone than the majority of other programming languages.

That's not all, though. Although Rust is neither Haskell nor Lisp, it features excellent support for a variety of exciting things that you may try out while learning Rust, such as functional programming and macros.

After all, Rust wasn't created overnight, so even though some concepts in Rust may seem radically different from what you may have learned from Python, Java, C++, and other programming languages, they all share a foundation in the same CPU and NUMA architecture that you've been engaging with whether you realize it or not. As a result, some of what's new in Rust may feel somewhat familiar.

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1) Reading Material 📚

🆓 Free Online Books:

  • The Rust Programming Language is often known as "the book," which will give you an in-depth overview of the language.

  • Rust By Example is the book for you if you're a practical person who doesn't enjoy reading hundreds of pages to learn a language.

✔For quick summaries:

2) Practice Material 🏋️‍♂️

🆓 Quick Free material:

  • A git project called Rustlings offers simple Rust learning exercises. This resource is excellent because it covered every chapter in "the book" and was occasionally difficult.

  • Exercism: It has a hands-on Rust learning track.

  • Code Wars: allows you to collaborate on coding problems. It helps you improve your talents and is incredibly cool.

  • Coding Game: is game-based learning how to code website that also supports Rust. It will help you learn new concepts by solving fun challenges.

3) Bootcamps🖥

  • Coding Bootcamps: Here you can find different boot camps for different domains.

  • Substate Saturday by Polkadot: It is a FREE 3 Month Bootcamp with 6 interactive sessions for Developers. It will cover the fundamentals of Rust and Substrate from scratch.

4) Youtube Videos🎞

  • A series of videos by Microsoft engineer Ryan Levick, who works on Rust, provide helpful explanations for various ideas. Additionally, Ryan has a great project where he uses Rust to create an SDK for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

  • Another go-to resource for concepts was CS Honors At Illinois. This video series is based on the freshman-level, student-run CS196 (formerly CS124) course at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The course lectures exclusively focus on basic concepts of Rust.

  • Weekly videos about Rust are available on the helpful channel Lets Get Rusty. It features a fantastic playlist that goes over each chapter of "the book" individually.

5) Git Resouces💾

-The Rust Programming Language: Here you can find the majority of documentation and instructions pertaining to Rust and associated crates/libraries.

-Awesome Rust: is a fantastic repository with a vast, carefully organized array of many resources and Rust code. Complete programs that were created with Rust can be found in many different fields.

-Ferrous Systems: is a prominent contributor to the Rust ecosystem and a Rust consultancy. Ferrous makes available in their repositories all the training materials (code samples and powerpoints) used in their for-profit private training programs. They also received embedded instruction in this.

6) Rusty Cheat Sheets 📃

There are various options, just pick what suits you most


If you are a newbie to programming, then Rust is a difficult language to learn, therefore it's important to use as many resources as you can to demonstrate what you've learned.

We hope the new learners to be able to use and find these resources valuable. What did you think of it? What were your go-to sources for learning Rust? Post your ideas in the comments section👇.


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